Removing stumbling blocks to faith in Christ through education on the scientific and biblical evidence for an ancient creation.

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Why this Ministry?

Young people raised in many churches are told the Bible teaches a recent six-day creation, and that scientific evidence to the contrary is weak and must be rejected. The actual scientific evidence, however, is much stronger than what is communicated from pulpits and young-earth websites. When students directly engage the scientific evidence in college or later in life, many feel misled by the church, and conclude that it must be their faith in the Bible that was mistaken. Questioning non-believers likewise face a monumental obstacle to faith when told that to accept Christ, they must dismiss what God’s natural creation seems to clearly communicate.


Tragic stories of storm-tossed or fully shipwrecked faith on the reef of young-earth creationism led to the start of Solid Rock Lectures. It is our conviction that an honest study of both Scripture and nature not only leaves ample room for the legitimacy of modern science, but that the agreement between God’s written and natural creations can be breathtaking. Our desire is to remove obstacles to faith, and renew Christians’ ability to marvel and delight in the discoveries God is revealing in nature.


What we offer

SRL will work with the particular needs, interests, and constraints of your institution regarding the length and subject material covered. Options include chapel presentations, meetings with seminary or college classes, one and two day workshops, and even a week-long university course. (Our most common venue is a one day or day and a half workshop.)


Our highest priority is to seminaries. Most church members look to their pastors for what to believe about science, yet few pastors have the training or background to evaluate the validity of scientific or young-earth claims. To best minister to those in the pews and to the world, pastors need to have at least a basic understanding of the evidence supporting an ancient earth and adaptation of life over time – even if convinced that the scientific conclusions are wrong.


What does it cost?

SRL sometimes has funding to offer workshops to seminaries at no cost to participants or to the hosting seminary. For other venues, there is no specific charge, but contributions to defray travel expenses and continuation of the ministry are appreciated.